Winemakers Newsroom

Our 2017 grapes have finished fermentation, and we have been racking our new wines into carboys, tanks and barrels in anticipation of some fine “drink’n” next year!

Winemakers’ Group Holiday Party. Our holiday party is scheduled for Saturday, December 23, at the Eastlake Clubhouse in Yorba Linda, and this event is sold out. As a reminder to those confirmed to attend, this is a potluck, and we ask everyone attending to bring enough food to serve 10 to 12 people and a bottle of wine per person, either homemade or commercial.

2018 WineMaker Magazine Conference. We are looking forward to the WineMaker Magazine’s annual conference to be held May 17 through May 20 in San Diego. We are hoping to have a large contingent of our winemakers attend and flex our muscles as a fabulous and energetic part of the OCWS!

The program is being finalized with full details to come early this month. If you are interested in attending, contact Kevin or visit WineMaker website at for more information.

If you have any questions, contact Kevin at or by phone at 714.457.7229.

– Kevin Donnelly