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The Orange County Wine Society, a non-profit organization that promotes the knowledge and appreciation of wines, is dedicated to raising funds for college scholarships for institutions throughout California. The volunteers of the organization, while enjoying social events, wine tastings and trips throughout the year, is best known for coordinating the OC Fair Commercial Wine Competition and running the wine courtyard at the fair each year. Within the OCWS lies an active home winemaking group which, along with their passion for making fine wines, runs the Homewine Competition which is also highlighted annually at the OC Fair.

The varied interests and social opportunities offered through the OCWS has something for everyone, from people just beginning to find enjoyment with wine in their lives and wanting to learn more to the well versed fine wine lover looking to share their passion with others of like mind.

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President’s Message

Years ago, I was told by a very well-known winemaker that the best wine is the wine one likes best, whether it be a $150 bottle of Napa Cab or […]

OCWS Photography Contest

The OCWS has started a photography contest and you are invited to participate! As you might have guessed, the subject is “Wine,” but this can mean many things to many […]

2023 OCWS Winery Program: Double Gold Award-Winning Wineries

The 2023 Winery Program starts in January with “Double Gold” winning wineries and continues monthly through April. We have invited prestigious wineries who have won this coveted Award in the […]

Wines of Alba, Italy—Close to Home!

we love to travel. This past October, less than five months after our quasi-world cruise, we were at it again, this time back in Northwestern Italy where Manuela was born […]

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