Courtyard at the OC Fair – July 14 through August 13, 2023

The Courtyard is Comin’!

Wow! Time flies. It seems like yesterday that Leslie Hodowanec and the set-up crew took down The Courtyard. But the year skipped by and it is now time to set-up, decorate and dispense the wine. The set up begins July 5 and the fair, with all its fun and excitement, opens Friday, July 14.

The key to a successful Courtyard is the small army of volunteers that comes forward every year to ensure that the OCWS’s largest fundraiser is fully staffed and ready to pour. For those of you who have already selected your shifts (we are approaching 200 sign-ups), thanks for the enthusiasm! For everyone who is waiting, the sign-ups are open for managers, stewards, cashiers and servers on the OCWS website at

Teri Lane is coordinating the Responsible Beverage Service training for the servers, stewards and managers. If you have already signed up and need to add some shifts because you might miss some of the fun, you can contact our master scheduler, Rich Skoczylas, at

The fair is continuing their online ticketing with daily capacity limits. But Courtyard volunteers will again be credentialed with an entry badge honored any day, even if capacity limits are reached, and a parking pass.

A special note to everyone who joined the OCWS at the fair last year: Remember how much fun it was and volunteer for some fun time behind the bar this year. Cheers!

Fred Heinecke, Courtyard Chair


At this time, The Courtyard sign-up confirmations are in full swing. THANK YOU to all of you who have signed up already to support the Orange County Wine Society’s biggest fundraiser of the year. We encourage all of our members to come support the OCWS and have fun at the OC Fair – volunteer today!