President’s Message

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, as we all look forward to an ending to these pandemic lockdowns that we have all endured. This past year has certainly been one to remember, and we have all been saddened by the lack of social interaction with our friends and families, and get-togethers […]

A Look Back—Fires Tear through California’s Northern Wine Region

“Wildfires have long been a fact of life in the American West,” said Caroline Beteta, CEO of nonprofit, Visit California. It has been known that harvest season in California’s wine regions are what dream weddings are made of—ripe grapevines and colorful sunsets that provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.  Scientists say warmer temperatures […]

“Best of” Recipe & Wine Pairings—January 2021

The holidays are over, 2020 is, thankfully, gone, and we are beginning a new year with great hopes for a happy, well year ahead for all. As much as I thought about highlighting a “comfort food” recipe to gently ease into the new year, the more I thought about it, I thought that it’s time […]

Shauna Rosenblum, a Legacy of Her Own

The Orange County Wine Society is greatly honored to have Shauna Rosenblum, winemaker and President of Rock Wall Wine Company, as our Virtual Winery Program presenter on January 22. As most of our members well know, Shauna comes with a history of wine in her blood as the daughter of well-loved and sorely missed veteran […]

Is Wine and Cheese Good for an Aging Brain?

It appears a scientific study conductedby Iowa State University andpublished recently by Science Daily,confirmed that what we eat mayhave a direct impact on our cognitiveacuity in our later years. Thestudy’s findings show that cheese protects against age-relatedcognitive problems, while consumption of red wine relates toimprovements in cognitive function.We knew that! In fact, in some of […]

President’s Message

Welcome everyone to the last month of what has been the most “interesting” year of our lives. As of this writing, it appears we will have a new U.S. President next month, which is either causing us jubilation or angst, but either way we are all wondering what will come next. Our uncertainty about the […]

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A Taste of Appreciation

Our members can further support “our” colleges and universities by tasting the bounty of their wines and culinary talents too!  Each of the college personalities are as individual as the varietals they produce. Here is a “taste” of what you can find on the OCWS scholarship menu: The recently constructed Justin and J. Lohr […]

OCWS Volunteer Opportunities

The Orange County Wine Society has always been an organization with countless volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Despite the cancellation of many of our events due to the pandemic, we are moving forward with the planning for 2021 activities. We invite all OCWS members to consider volunteering for one or more of the organization’s committees. […]

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“Best of” Recipe & Wine Pairings—December 2020

By the time you read this first article in a series of “Best of” offerings, Thanksgiving will be just a fleeting memory, but I’m pretty sure many of you would have had a delicious homemade meal accompanied by an amazing Pinot Noir which, in my house, is the wine of choice to accompany turkey. With […]

Do You Want to Write About It?

Wine itself is obvious. It represents so many things—contents of the bottle reach out to a time, to a place, to people, to food and to hospitality. To be engaged with this special life force, to connect through our senses and know others connect with it in the same way, is a reason why we […]