Wine Lover Gifts

Unique Gifts for Every Wine Lover on you List

1 Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover    
This may look like a bottle of wine but
don’t be fooled! The 4 oz. spray stain
remover can actually clean up a bottle of
spilled wine. Removes both fresh stains
and set-in markings on rugs, carpeting,
clothing and other textiles.

2 Wine and the White House: A History
Where there was a U.S. president,
there was a bottle of wine—or two
or three. This impressive pictorial
tome explores the fine wines
produced in the United States
that were served at the White
House—and the glassware
used to enjoy them. Also
includes toasts and detailed
menus that went along with
state dinners, diplomatic events
and other significant happenings.

3 Le Creuset Champagne Stopper
Keep the bubbles bubbling with this crafty
stopper featuring an airtight rubber seal that
anchors to the bottle where everyday stoppers
are unable to latch on.

4 Ceramic Wine Bottle Holders
Wine stays cool and tablecloths stain
free with WineKeeps from our very
own OCWS member Wendy Taylor
—custom, handmade ceramic wine
bottle holders. They can be stored in
the freezer then used tableside to help
chilled bottles stay cold. To order, email

5 Reclaimed Wine Barrel Lazy Susan
Perfect for a bar or dining
room, this 21” walnut tray
rotates to allow easy access to
a bottle of wine, wine glasses,
napkins or whatever else you
may have on the table.