April 2017

Graber Olive House, Longtime Supporter of the OCWS

The Wine Society would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Graber Olive House for their friendship, generosity and continued support over the years.

Graber Olive House has provided their specialty olives to the Commercial Wine Competition for many years. As you know, palate assault can be extreme even though wine judges may expectorate every sip. The acidity in white wines and tannins in red wines can be a painful experience after a full day of tasting. A small cup of Graber olives placed along side each judge neutralizes the elements in both reds and whites, works wonders for the palate and tastes fantastic, too.

C.C. Graber purchased land in Ontario and discovered olives, cured by the early ranchers, to be one of the finest food delicacies of California. It was the tradition of early Californians to set their tables with plenty of fruits and wine, and olives. Mr. Graber began to cure several barrels himself after a successful growing season.

Graber olives are different from typical olives sold in grocery stores. Graber olives are hand picked when they’ve ripened to a cherry-red color, then “cured in covered vats without being oxidized,” according to Graber Olive House. After the curing and canning processes, the olives are of varying shades of nut-like color.

Graber Olive House is located in quiet, serene surroundings. Visitors will be delighted to discover a bit of early California when they visit. Along with olives, Graber Olive House offers many other products, such as crisp California almonds and pistachios, California dessert fruits, olive oils and elegant gift baskets. When in or driving through Ontario, visit Graber Olive House and pick up a few cans of olives and other items. You can also visit their website at GraberOlives.com to have products shipped directly to you.

Graber Olive House is located at 215 E. Fourth Street,