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Preparing for 2021 Harvest

OCWS Winemakers’ Group presents an educational webinar showing you how to develop a “crush plan” for the upcoming harvest. Join Ed Reyes as he explains what you need to consider before jumping into making wine from grapes this fall. Ed will map out the steps involved throughout the winemaking process. Learn about any special treatment particular varietals may need. He will also share some of the tips and techniques learned from over 10 years of winemaking with the OCWS.


2020 Harvest Preparation

This seminar will cover Filtering, Fining and Bottling your wines before the 2020 grapes arrive. This class covers the actions you need to take to finish your wines, including filtering your wine, fining your wine, filling your bottles with wine, cork options, corking your wine, capping your bottle, and labeling your bottle. Presented by Kevin Donnelly.



White and Rose Group Grape Purchase Meeting Presented by Bill Forsch and Bruce Powers.