Videos from 2020 Summer Seminar Series

These videos were produced for our members during Zoom meetings as a substitute for weekly OC Fair seminars offered at the fair.

How do wines differ from one California wine region to another?  Come learn about different AVAs and the wines they produce.  Bring your favorite wine varietal from two different areas of California to compare. Presented by Carolyn Christian.

Make your own great wine at home, using fresh grapes or concentrated grape juice. Presented by Kevin Donnelly.

Learn the unique qualities of four different beer styles, how they pair with foods, and comparable food and wine pairings. Presented by Ed Reyes and Sara Yeoman.

Learn about one of the most popular grape varietals in the world and why it’s so famous.    Bring a glass of your favorite Cabernet to enjoy during webinar. Presented by Carolyn Christian.

Learn about California Red wines and how they pair with different styles of barbeque. Bring your favorite red wine that you pair with barbeque to enjoy while watching this seminar! Presented by Carolyn Christian.

Learn how to “read” the different kinds of written and unwritten information on a wine bottle to help you make smarter wine buying choices. Presented by Ed Reyes.

Bottling season is coming.   Learn how to apply the finishing touches to your home wine. Presented by Kevin Donnelly.

Discover inexpensive wines that pair with the foods you’re likely to be cooking and eating in these stay-at-home times. Presented by Ed Reyes & Sara Yeoman.

Learn about the wine history in France leading into the history of French wine in California, including the great wine challenge in France. Presented by Ken Knapp.

What makes a certain varietal so popular here in California? Learn more about Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and more. Presented by Carolyn Christian