President’s Message

Life is all about how you handle Plan B—this is what the coaster on my desk says and is a constant reminder to me that life has a way of totally screwing with my best intentions. I cannot recall a day in my life that went according to the way I had planned for it to go. Hence, you will hear me sigh and say just step back five yards and punt. But one thing I know for sure is that there are always reasons for changes (whether I understand them or not is another subject) and always solutions.

The workings within the OCWS are a perfect example of Plan Bs. In just the last year, we have weathered cancelled events, adverse weather conditions, illnesses, venue changes, ever-changing government-issued requirements, etc., etc., etc., and, in the long run, everything has worked out due to the ingenuity of our members and their willingness to go with the flow, step back those five yards and punt and enjoy what we are afforded. Namely, to be able to be a part of the love, camaraderie and fun.

This writing is really a THANK YOU message to all you adaptable OCWS volunteers, whether you are one of those die-hard people constantly spearheading events and acting as members of a committee, thereby working literally hundreds, if not thousands, of hours, and to those of you who are just able to help a few hours here and there. You are all what makes the OCWS run and without you we would not continue to be what we are. With our biggest volunteer events of the year, namely the wine competitions and the Courtyard at the OC Fair coming fast, THANK YOU in advance for your participation. Every hand, every hour counts!

Fran Gitsham, President