OCWS’s Best Kept Secret . . .

But Not Any Longer! Why are we all members of the OCWS? For me, it’s for friendship and the love of wine. But, if you’re like me, after tasting thousands of wines over the years, I am still baffled about what to look for to buy at any given time. For some reason, our best wine resource, in my opinion, has been under wraps for way too long. If you don’t know about already, or have not taken the time to check out the website, now is the time! highlights the award-winning wines from the 2021 Commercial Wine Competition. You can search wines by medals, wineries, wine varietals, price levels, and sugar levels, as well as  have the ability to link directly to the individual wineries for more information. Besides using the site to elevate my wine knowledge, or lack thereof, I personally use the site as a marketing tool for the OCWS. I open my phone every time I visit a winery and share the site. I have also been known, on more than one (many, in fact) occasion to share the site with some unsuspecting and baffled wine purchasers in a store, always with great results and appreciation.

If you do nothing else after reading this article, I urge you to spend a few minutes checking out this year’s award-winning wines on If you love wine, it will be the best few minutes you spend right now!

You can also access this site through the OCWS website under Competitions, OC Fair Commercial Wine tab.

– Fran Gitsham, Contributing Writer & Wine Lover