Oktoberween 2018 Wrap Up

The OCWS Oktoberween themed Membership BBQ was held October 14 at The Courtyard under clear skies and comfortable temperatures.

It was a tremendous success with over 150 members attending and over $2,000 raised for the OCWS Scholarship Fund from the Wine Wall and silent auction.

This year’s event maintained our long-standing tradition of great food, good music, and the bringing together of our members for an afternoon of fun and comradery.

I would like to give special thanks to the following members who helped make it such a success:

  • Betty Jo and Jay Newell: Decorations and making all of the gift baskets
  • Irene and Ken Scott: Decorations and games development
  • Liz and Lloyd Corbett: Coordinating the Wine Wall, silent auction, and OCWS logo merchandising
  • Jim and Linda Downey: Making the homemade German Potato Salad and Sauerkraut
  • Robyn and Dean Strom: Donation of soft drinks
  • Sara Yeoman: Event MC (Mistress of Ceremonies)
  • Lynda Edwards and Rochelle Randel: Administration, event ticketing and tracking
  • Brian McDonald: Leader of the Grilling Team, invaluable help in menu planning and shopping
  • Jolen Zeroski: Volunteer Coordinator

And to all the volunteers who gave their time in support of the event and helped to “make it happen” – Thank You!!

– Terry McLean, Event Chair