In Memoriam – Suzy Skoczylas

Suzanne Skoczylas, beloved wife of OCWS Director, Rich Skoczylas, and long time OCWS member, sadly passed away on March 19, 2018.  Her amazing, upbeat attitude belied physical battles suffered for many, many years. Her love for her husband, and for life itself, sustained Suzy through 42 years of numerous bouts of cancer. She can first and foremost be described throughout those years as the epitome of a true survivor.

Born in Oklahoma City, Suzy became a medical secretary and was set up on a blind date with Rich, then a young Air Force officer, by her mother who worked with Rich at Tinker Air Force Base.

Suzy and Rich were married on May 3, 1972 and shortly thereafter moved to Boston, where Rich was transferred, before moving to California in 1978. After moving to California and settling in Fountain Valley, Suzy and Rich joined The Wine Society in the early 1980s.

Always at Rich’s side, Suzy supported him through many years of chairing numerous OCWS events, several stints on the board of directors, the creation of amazing desserts for events and, always when able, Suzy was found volunteering herself for many OCWS gatherings.

Suzy’s love of people and passion for helping others found her active with the Newcomers Clubs of Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach, CHOC, the American Cancer Society, the Breast Cancer Angels, and as a volunteer for several years at Orange Coast Memorial in Fountain Valley supporting cancer patients.

Suzy leaves behind her loving husband, a brother, a sister and a brother-in-law and many, many friends, along with an amazing legacy of strength and love. Suzy was an incredible woman whose memory will be treasured and held in many hearts.