Featured Winery Program at the OC Fair

Lloyd and I would like to invite you to visit us, along with Betty Jo and Jay Newell, at the Featured Winery Bar during the OC Fair. We will be presenting wines from a different winery each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will get to meet the winemaker or a winery principal who will introduce you to their wines, answer your questions about their wines, their history with the winery, and any other inquiries you may have. We will be pouring tastes for you to enjoy.

Our participants scheduled to present to date are listed below.

Date Winery   Date Winery
July 15 Fallbrook Winery, Carrie & Kevin McCracken   July 31 Dark Star Cellars, Michael Cox
July 16 Seven Angels, Greg Martin   August 5 Gelson’s Private Label Wines, Jake Cheung
July 17 Double Bond Wine, John Klacking   August 6 Mineral Wines, Brett Keller
July 22 Dubost Winery, Zack Raines   August 7 Virginia Dare Winery, Francoise Cordesse
July 23 Big Nose Winery, Roger and Janice Mattar   August 12 Vinos Unidos Winery, Chris Jaregui
July 24 Cypher Winery, Susan Mahler   August 13 Shale Oak Winery, Curtis Hascall
July 29 Riboli Family Wines, Marty Spate   August 14 Bushong Vintage Co., Jason Bushong
July 30 Ammons Horn Wines, Roger Wolff      

All proceeds from the Featured Winery Bar go to the OCWS Scholarship Fund.

Please come make new friends, learn more about wines, and enjoy yourself.

– Liz & Lloyd Corbett,
Featured Winery Program Co-chairs