Cannonball Wine Company—Scavenger Hunt

For our March Winery Webinar with Cannonball Wine Company, winemaker Ondine Chattan invited every member to participate in a “Scavenger Hunt.” Ondine would award the winner of this “hunt” with a special gift. A series of questions were posed about her winery, with the answers to be learned from Ondine’s presentation or information to be researched and submitted online. Several members participated and found the answers about the Cannonball and Angels & Cowboys wine brands and related winery questions. Attendees also heard about the High Dive Napa Valley collaboration between Share A Splash and the Astrolabe brand from New Zealand, two exciting additions to the wine company.

One member’s knowledge came out above the rest—Kevin Coy. Congratulations, Kevin, we are confident that your special gift is on its way.

– Leslie Hodowanec, Director
– Rich Skoczylas, Director & Winery Program Chair