We Want to Hear from You

It most definitely is the “new norm” nowadays. Have you embraced the “new” virtual reality yet? Virtual classrooms, virtual health care, virtual workplaces, and yes, even virtual cheerleading. If you have, then we want to hear about your virtual winetasting experiences with family and OCWS friends while adhering to the California stay-at-home order.

My virtual experience has most definitely expanded from attending monthly OCWS Board meetings and Commercial Wine Competition meetings after my remote workday ends.

One of the benefits of being a member of the Wine Society is meeting new people who also enjoy learning about wine, drinking wine and sharing. Have you noticed that once you open a bottle of wine among friends, the conversation expands to someone knowing the winery, the winemaker, the region, and recommending other wineries in the region worthy of a visit?

About a month ago, I was invited to attend a Wednesday evening Zoom wine meeting beginning at 6 pm and lasting approximately two hours. The invite list was intentionally small so that we can have an opportunity to virtually share the wine we opened for the evening, discuss it and not find ourselves talking over each other. We also rated our own wines and went online to find out what it was rated by others and shared this information during the event.

A fairly new OCWS member took our Wednesday virtual winetasting experience to a whole new level. She prepared, presented and paired her wine to the meal she was enjoying in our virtual setting. And being savvy in technology, she set up her Zoom account with an amazing, different and interesting backdrop each week—a vineyard in Sonoma County, the Golden Gate Bridge (taking us back in time when we attended ZAP together), and she also took us inside a beautiful winery’s cellar. I look forward to the time when we can see each other face to face and continue sharing, drinking and talking about wine – and when a group hug will be perfectly appropriate!

Members, if you feel comfortable to briefly share your stay-at-home virtual wine experiences with family and friends, or you simply just want to send in isolation photos, we want to hear from you. Each month going forward, we will endeavor to publish your submission and photos, pending space and content of your submission. As in past practice, we do not encourage promotion of any winery, restaurant, or other online virtual experience in this space. Your submission should be sent to

– Linda Mihalik, Director