OCWS Scholarship Tips

Although funds for the Scholarship Account come from several sources all year long, the funds I know you want to hear about are what “you” our members generated at The Courtyard this year! It was due to all our members who volunteered at the Fair that took the time to explain to the public about our colleges and universities while pouring with a smile that made this a very special year.

The OCWS was fortunate this year because we hung extra signage as reminders to all who entered The Courtyard, and we were able to place “tip” jars visible on the counters for the first very time.

Another huge reason was because of Liz and Lloyd Corbett and Betty Jo and Jay Newell who staffed and served at the new Featured Winery bar over countless hours, and managed all the participating wineries with those funds going toward the Scholarship Account. To them and to each of the wineries that supported this program, THANK YOU for your wine appreciation and education, and your excellent contributions!

Over $19,000 was donated from our “tip” jars on the counters alone, and over $15,000 was generated from the Featured Winery  Program.The total scholarship funds generated from The Courtyard at the 2022 OC Fair exceeded $34,500.

Thank you to The Courtyard Committee, to the Board of Directors and to Charles English for the extra help. The 2023 scholarship distribution proposal will be submitted to the Board for approval early next year.

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO DONATE!!  Go to our Scholarship page and you can choose any amount to donate to your choice of college or university, and you can print a receipt for your records. 35,000 thanks!

 – Leslie Hodowanec, 2022 Scholarship Committee Chair