Have I Ordered that Event Yet? My Account Page

We are finding that members sometimes duplicate their sign-ups for an event. When they get the newsletter announcement, they find a new event that looks like fun and they sign up right away. Then weeks later, when they hear their friends talking about that same wine tasting event, forgetting that they or their membership partner have already signed up, they sign up again. A good practice before signing up for any event is to scan the “My Account” page. This page is accessed from the main menu and has lots of good information about your membership. Near the bottom of the page is an area called “Recent Orders.” A quick scan here shows all the OCWS events already purchased. If it is not there, sign up within the “Events” area of the website before all the seats are taken.

All membership type selections are viewable after you have logged into your account. For example, events are for members only, to sign themselves and their guests up for our wine tastings offerings.

Other good information is listed here and can be performed from “My Account” page.

  • Changing your password
  • Viewing your membership status
  • Using the renewal button to keep your membership current
  • Seeing, if you have earned a coupon. Your code and amount are listed under the Store Credit area on this page.
  • Accessing your Profile page by selecting the “Account Details” button near the top of the page
  • It’s also a good place to make sure your address information is correct and up to date

I hope this has helped you get more familiar with our website.

– Wendy Taylor, OCWS WebMaster