Get involved—Run for OCWS Board of Directors

It is that time of the year and it is all in Article 4 of the bylaws – the procedure for election of the Orange County Wine Society (OCWS) Board of Directors!

The organization is run by a nine-member Board of Directors. Intelligent, innovative, open minded, problem-solving and result-oriented people are the key to the leadership of the group. Many of our members have these skills, so it is time to consider stepping up to help lead the way. If you know the organization; are a seasoned volunteer; and are dedicated to its purpose and objective of promoting the knowledge of winemaking, viticulture and wine appreciation, then you may be a suitable candidate to take a lead position.

The beginning of a three-year term on the Board of Directors shall be staggered such that three members’ terms expire each year. The three vacated positions are filled by a vote of the OCWS membership, following the Annual Business Meeting that will be held Sept. 8, 2023. The overall time commitment for a member of the board varies and is based upon assignments and participation. In addition to running the business of the organization, the goal of the board is for members to run OCWS programming, with the board acting as mentors and liaisons regarding budgets and event planning. Also, the board functions as an oversight committee, focusing on compliance with the bylaws, OC Fair compliance, liability exposure, etc. A candidate, ideally, should possess some of the following skills:

  • General knowledge of the OCWS events and activities
  • Prior experience as a volunteer
  • The ability and time to help organize events throughout the year
  • Selected event and budget management skills
  • Be a member in good standing

To declare candidacy for a position on the Board of Directors, a candidate must present a Declaration of Candidacy, in writing, by mail, or via electronic media to the Election Chair no later than 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled Annual Business Meeting. A written Statement of Qualifications is required to be presented to the Election Committee no later than five calendar days after receipt by the Election Chair of a Declaration of Candidacy. Statements of Candidacy will be posted on the OCWS website. During the Annual Business Meeting, declared candidates will have an opportunity to address the membership.

The OCWS continues to thrive thanks in great part to the leadership of the organization over the last 48 years. If helping to take the helm of this amazing group is of interest to you, please submit your Declaration of Candidacy and Statement of Qualifications to Election Chair Sara Yeoman at  For any questions related to Director Responsibilities, the election process or anything else, please contact OCWS Director Linda Flemins at

Linda Flemins, OCWS Director