Calling all photographers

The OCWS sponsors a photography contest and you are invited to participate! As you might have guessed, the subject is “wine,” but this can mean many things to many people.

Do you have a great shot of the sun filtering through the vines just before picking? Or an action shot of wine being poured with some great swirls in the glass? Perhaps a romantic shot of a couple toasting each other?

These are a few ideas, and I’m sure you have many more of that great shot involving wine in some way.

Each month the photography committee will select a Photo of the Month for publication in an upcoming Wine Press as well as on the OCWS website. The ultimate goal is to publish an OCWS calendar consisting of the 12 best photos of the year. These may or may not be the 12 monthly winners.

If you have any questions, email

Jim is the OCWS photographer and head of the OCWS photography committee.