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Attend this spectacular wine tasting event which brings wine people together who are interested in California wine.  2017 marks the 36th year that OCWS has held this fund raising event, it is the membership that makes this run successfully.  Find what you need to know about this event from this central location and the following links:

Letter to our Membership from Liz Corbett, Event Chair

Thank you for inquiring about Volunteer sign up availability. We’re excited to work with you again on this spectacular event.  You will need to purchase your tickets first prior to having your Volunteer Form processed. Positions are filled on a first come, first served basis. No positions are reserved/guaranteed for anyone. Your volunteer selections will be confirmed by email once all positions are filled; approximately three weeks prior to the event. Again, thank you for your phone calls and messages in anticipation of volunteering.

Members you can make this a successful event by helping us with the following:

Wineries:  Contact your friends at your favorite wineries and ask them if they are aware of our event; let them know they can view the event and sign up online at For any questions, you can have them contact our Winery Coordinator – Rochelle Randell at

Restaurants:  If you have a favorite restaurant that would like to opportunity to increase their clientele and meet our wonderful members and guests, please contact our Restaurant Coordinator – Taren Weber at Remember if this is their initial participation you will receive a free entry ticket to the event.

Vendors:  Send suggestions for potential vendors you would like to see participate – it’s great exposure for their products and services. Please contact our Vendor Coordinator – Lloyd Corbett at

Donations:  Provide suggestions of donors we can contact who might provide sports tickets, weekend stays at B&B’s (possibly in Wine Country or Catalina or other fun places), Airplane flights over our beautiful coast and islands, wine tasting experiences in your home, etc. We can also use wine related items for our Silent Auction baskets; perhaps you received a duplicate wine opener, glasses, wine stoppers, another Reyn Spooner shirt or other paraphernalia this past Christmas that you would like to donate. You will receive a Donation Acknowledgment for tax purposes. Please contact our Silent Auction Coordinator – Marie Hawthorn at

Sponsors:  FINALLY SOMETHING NEW AND VERY IMPORTANT: This is our first year of trying to recruit Sponsors for our event. This would be a company, team or entity wanting to increase their visibility to the public while fulfilling their philanthropic ambitions by aiding us in meeting our scholarship goals. Please forward any contact information you may have in the corporate setting, in our Sports Teams or other arenas you are familiar with. Our Sponsors will also help in defraying our costs of the event.  Please contact our Sponsor Coordinator – Terry McClean at

Thank you each and every one of you for your assistance on all aspects of this event. We appreciate your involvement and suggestions. Please contact us with any comments. Liz Corbett, Event Chair – and Brian McDonald, Co-Chair –