Volunteers That Made the Difference

At the Annual Business Meeting held in September, our volunteers were recognized for the many hours of service and effort they dedicated to the Orange County Wine Society over the last Board year. As the organization has only part-time employees, it relies on its volunteers for everything from guiding and managing the organization to planning and running events. Most volunteer work is done “behind the scenes” and unnoticed by many. Our volunteers make this the successful organization that it is, and we encourage everyone to get involved. This is a great way to see how the OCWS works and to meet new friends.

The OCWS presented a Special Award to Dennis and Carol Esslinger, Lora Howard and Marjorie Trout for their many years of dedication to the Commercial Wine Competition. Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude are extended to these extraordinary members.

In recognition of the hours of service, the OCWS rewards its volunteers with gift certificates redeemable for admission to OCWS events only. Please note that this year instead of printed coupons being distributed, the coupon amount will be posted as a credit on each member’s account. Thank you to the following volunteers for their efforts during the 2016-2017 Board year.

– George Cravens, Director

$50 Discount Coupon

Leslie Brown

Lloyd Corbett


Kevin Coy

Georgia Crane

Marcine Crane

Chris Cunningham

Noel De Soto

Kevin Donnelly

Jim Downey

Lynda Edwards

Wendy Eld

Carol Esslinger

Dennis Esslinger

Sharon Finkle

William Forsch

John Goodnight

Larry Graham

Kim Guerin

Gregory Hagadorn

Janet Hammond

Marie Hawthorn

Helga Hrowal

Michael Iglesias

Karl Kawai

Virginia Kawai

Cheryl Knapp

Ken Knapp

Michael Koval

Kevin Lite

Janet Marino

Sue McDonald

Shirley McManus

Linda Mihalik

Marcy Ott

Charley Owen

Vivien Owen

Paul Peal

Sam Puzzo

Rochelle Randel

Carolyn Redding

Walter Reiss

Cal Rietzel

Ronna Rowe

Karen Russell

Scott Sayre

Irene Scott

Ken Scott

Jack Shepard

Suzy Skoczylas

Frank Solis

Dave Stancil

Wendy Taylor

Bob Topham

Marcia Vaughan

Richard Ward

Rick Weber

Taren Weber

Jolen Zeroski

$25 Discount Coupon

Laura Acocella

Nancy Ball

John Carnes

Judy Chapel

Greg Collins

Paul Durning

Nancy Edwards

Stephen Edwards

Charles English

Kate English

Yale Finkle

Carol Frank

Kathy Fusaro

Alison Godleski

Mark Godleski

Jane Goodnight

Jim Graver

Jerry Guerin

Kelly Hagadorn

Fred Heinecke

Jim Hume

Rodney Jeu

Robin Lang

Maria Loera

David McCann

Joan McCann

Robin McCormick

Linda McLean

John Molina

Leland Mote

Mary Mulcahey

Mo Naraghi

George Ott

Janet Peal

Eddie Petros

Ed Reyes

Sue Rietzel

Janet Riordan

Greg Risling

Craig Rowe

Peter Schlundt Bodien

Linda Shepard

Pat Solis

Dean Strom

Robyn Strom

Walt Thurner

Tom Tippett

Barbara White

David White

$10 Discount Coupon

Shilo Bartlett

Leah Beattie

David Brown

Chris Bruce

Hank Bruce

James Burk

Kelly Carnes

Pam Carter

Carolyn Christian

Katherine Coltrin

Linda Downey

Jim Flores

Ellen Flynn

B.J. Fornadley

Tina Fornadley

Claude Fusaro

Beverly Genis

Mary Giedzinski

Ronald Gray

Melinda Guillory

Elise Haussler

Paul Haussler

Dan Hayes

Leslie Hodowanec

Will Holsinger

Lora Howard

Lynelle Hustrulid

Nancy Jeu

Susan Johnson

Kathy Krieger

Kendall Madsen

Don Mason

Tomie Mason

Roberta Morgan

John Nation

Ron Nickens

Kim Philhart

Connie Power

Bruce Powers

Debbie Renne

Elisa Roddy

Wilton Roddy

Germaine Romano

Robert Romano

David Rutledge

Judy Rydburg

Courtney Schlott

Theresa Schlundt Bodien

Irene Serna

Raul Serna

Tami Stancil

Dave Wiegand

Richard Wolsfelt

Sara Yeoman