Homewine Competition Wrap-Up

On June 11, about 200 OCWS Winemakers and friends met for the 40th time for the OC Fair’s Homewine Competition. This year, the OCWS received 676 wines and 93 labels for judging. We are always amazed at the fabulous quality of wines created by winemakers all across California. Wines varied from Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons, to Petite Sirahs and Pinot Noirs, and fruit wines including Lime, Raspberry, Pomegranate, and wonderful Ports and dessert wines. In addition, 15 kit wines were entered and won awards, including 3 Double Golds. The Cooks’ Caucus put together two amazing meals (and stayed well under budget)! Thank you to all the volunteers for assisting with the Homewine Competition and a special thank you to the group leaders Kim Guerin, Ed Reyes, Jim Downey, Mike Paz, David Rutledge, Bill Forsch, John Guerin, Stacey Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Robin Lang and Lynda Edwards for putting together this wonderful event!

– Kevin Donnelly & Stacey Taylor, Director