Courtyard News

The Courtyard is the center of many of our events throughout the year.  Most importantly, it is the location where we sell tastes of the OC Fair award winning wines.  As well as, full glasses of wine, champagne and other merchandise to OC Fair participants.  Also we offer educational wine related seminars during the the OC Fair.  

News for The Courtyard during the 2019 OC Fair

Required Courtyard Training 

As we have previously mentioned, we will be using new cash registers at The Courtyard this year. If you have already been invited to volunteer as a Manager, Assistant Manager or Cashier, you will need to attend one of our 45-minute training sessions. Please be aware that there are only a few open sessions available.

If you have not already scheduled a timeslot, please call or email Brian McDonald at 714.772.284 or for available dates and times.

If you have not previously managed or cashiered and are interested in being trained, please reach out to Fran Gitsham at or to Brian McDonald at

Courtyard Volunteer Sign-ups

It’s hard to imagine, but the OC Fair is right around the corner and that means volunteer sign-ups. This year all sign-ups will be online. A very big thank you Stacey Taylor for setting this up on our website!

Sign-up start dates are:

  • Managers, Assistant Managers and their co-Members: April 1
  • Cashiers, Stewards and their co-Members: April 15
  • Server sign-ups for all Members: May 1

Click here for the 2019 Wine Courtyard Signup page

If you believe you should be invited to sign up as a Manager, Assistant Manager, Cashier or Steward and did not receive an invitation to sign up prior to the applicable start sign-up date noted above, please reach out to Brian McDonald as soon as possible at

Please remember, shifts are generally filled on a first-come basis, so the sooner you sign up, the better your chances are of being assigned to the shifts you prefer. As has always been the rule, you must sign up for a minimum of three shifts.

All volunteers will receive an OC Fair pass and parking permit which are valid throughout the entire run of the Fair.  Also each volunteer must sign a Server Responsibility Form.

Fran Gitsham & Brian McDonald,
Courtyard Co-Chairs

OC Fair Server Responsibility Statements

The OCFEC requires each person pouring alcohol to sign a Server Responsibility Statement. This is an OC Fair form, not an OCWS form. Therefore, please do not write any messages on the form. The form states that you have attached a copy of your server certificate to the form; this step is handled by The Courtyard Committee prior to submitting all signed Server
Statements to the OCFEC. The form is located on our website at at menu
item “OCFair Courtyard.” Please only fill out one name per form, sign and date where indicated, and email to or fax to the OCWS office at 714.546.5002 (not the fax number indicated on the form).

The 2019 Courtyard Committee

TIPS Training for The Courtyard; Training for Intervention Procedures

The 2019 OC Fair will be here soon, which means it’s time to schedule Alcohol Server Training. Most TIPS classes will be held in April, with only a few classes held in May and June. Do not wait to sign up. If classes don’t fill, they are cancelled and you may not be able to volunteer in The Courtyard.

TIPS certification is valid for three years. If you were TIPS certified in 2016 and are planning to volunteer at The Courtyard this year, you will need to re-certify. A letter has been mailed notifying you that your TIPS card has expired. If you have never taken a TIPS class, you will need to attend and successfully complete the training.

The 2019 Orange County Fair starts on Friday, July 12 and ends on Sunday, August 11. As a concessionaire of the OC Fair, the OCWS must adhere to contractual requirements established by the OC Fair & Events Center Board of Directors.  Prior to working in The Courtyard during the OC Fair, everyone must be “professionally trained and certified in alcohol awareness techniques.”

To signup for training, log in to your account then click the link Alcohol Server Training sign-up form.  When selecting your availability, please indicate your 1st and 2nd choice dates. The classes are held in the Admin Building on the Fairgrounds. An email confirmation with a map will be sent within one week prior to the class.

If you have any questions regarding TIPS training, please email or call either Rochelle@714.272.3780 or Marcy@714.235.6459.

– Rochelle Randel – TIPS Trainer
– Marcy Ott – Badging Coordinator
2019 OCWS Courtyard Committee

We also hold our annual BBQ and October parties here.  The map below can be helpful in finding the Courtyard location on the OC Fairgrounds.  Please note the location of our office between the Pacific Amphitheater and the Courtyard.


There are no upcoming events at this time.