2020 Group Bottle Purchase


Greg Hagadorn is organizing our 2020 Bottle Purchase. In the past, we provided bottles for about half the price charged by the local suppliers.

Greg plans to order an assortment of bottles from All American Containers, same source used last year.

All bottles are designed for cork closure. Bottle cap and neck will accept 1-1/4” diameter heat shrink capsules to give your creations that professional, finished look.

Bottles are pictured above, and the descriptions are below:

  • 501829 750 ml Bordeaux, Antique Green
  • 501829 750 ml Bordeaux, Flint
  • 2588  750 ml Tapered Claret, Antique Green
  • 501828 750 ml Burgundy, Antique Green
  • 501828 750 ml Burgundy, Dead Leaf Green
  • 4BK   375 ml Dessert Bordeaux, Flint

Some bottles (see photo attachment) are shown with a U.S.A. flag sticker to denote domestically produced bottles. Stickers will not be attached when we receive bottles.

Prices are a little higher this year, a result of increased tariffs on Chinese imports and the impact of COVID-19. We anticipate prices, including shipping and sales tax, to be in the range of (but not guaranteed):

501829 Bordeaux, Antique Green or Flint, $8.50 to $9.00/ cs

2588 Tapered Claret $9.35 to $9.85/cs

501828 Burgundy, Antique Green or Dead Leaf Green, $8.50 to $9.00/cs

4BK Dessert Bordeaux, $8.50 to $9.00/cs

Final prices will be based on the quantities ordered and will include sales tax. Wholesale buyers: please provide a copy of your California resale card.

Despite expected higher prices, all bottles are still priced well below what you would pay through local retail outlets or catalogs, who will be facing the same price increases.

Greg Hagadorn will be coordinating the orders this year. Please send him an email by May 23rd with the number of cases (12 bottles per case) of each style you want to order. The order will be placed and prices finalized upon receiving everyone’s requests.

Greg will send each buyer a notice of the amount owed and a request for payment via check to OCWS by a certain date. Bottle delivery will take place in June at a location to be announced.

Contact Greg via email greg@ocws.org with questions or to place your order.


Kevin Donnelly