OC Fair Home Wine Label Competition Best of Show 2023

Home Wine Label

Competition 2023

Best of Show

Lora and Jeffrey Sanders


Label Winners

Name Award Category ID
Alford, Daniel Silver Classic VW.17
Aliotta, Aliotta Silver Classic CS.67
Arango, David Bronze Abstract/Non-Objective PO.1
Bakke, Kim and Judy Bronze Classic RB.9
Bakke, Kim and Judy Bronze Classic RB.11
Bakke, Kim and Judy Gold Classic RB.13
Bakke, Kim and Judy Silver Classic CF.2
Bakke, Kim and Judy Bronze Classic V1.7
Baucher, Chuck & Therese Gold Figurative ZN.5
Baugh, Michael Silver Figurative V1.19
Bender, Tom Silver Classic BR.7
Blake, Jim Gold Classic CS.9
Brennan, Pam Bronze Classic ME.25
Calonico, Mark Bronze Humorous PS.18
Calonico, Mark Bronze Figurative TP.7
Calonico, Mark Bronze Figurative VG.6
Donnan, Robert Silver Classic CS.6
Drulias, Bill Silver Classic V1.9
Evenson, Marlowe Gold Classic CS.19
Gibson, Steve Silver Classic CS.10
Gladysz, Tim Gold Humorous PN.14
Hamera, Walter Bronze Humorous RB.44
Hamera, Walter Silver Humorous RB.57
Hamera, Walter Gold Classic RB.59
Hamera, Walter Bronze Humorous MR.1
Hamera, Walter Silver Humorous SY.27
Heinz, Brock Bronze Humorous V1.3
Janello, John Bronze Classic CS.23
Kirst, John Gold Classic CS.77
Kirst, John Gold Classic PN.18
Leo, Guy Silver Classic ME.4
Lundy-Holley, LaTonya Bronze Classic OF.4
Lundy-Holley, LaTonya Bronze Figurative OT.4
Malek, Simin Gold Figurative CS.31
Malek, Simin Silver Classic CS.33
Malek, Simin Silver Figurative CS.35
Marotto, Ron Silver Humorous MB.3
Marotto, Ron Bronze Classic PS.2
Marotto, Ron Silver Classic SY.2
Marotto, Ron Silver Humorous ZN.2
Marske, Donald Silver Classic SB.7
McDaniel, Brock Silver Humorous RB.15
McDaniel, Brock Gold Humorous RB.17
McDaniel, Brock Silver Humorous CS.14
McDaniel, Brock Silver Humorous GR.4
McDaniel, Brock Gold Classic SY.15
McDaniel, Brock Silver Humorous ZN.11
McGowen, Patrick Bronze Classic CS.51
McGowen, Patrick Bronze Classic GR.9
McGowen, Patrick Bronze Classic GR.11
Morago, Marlene Bronze Classic RB.85
Oneill, William Bronze Classic RB.39
Oneill, William Bronze Classic ORG.2
Poper, Travis Silver Classic OT.2
Poynter, Wayne Bronze Humorous CH.15
Reed, Bob Gold Classic CS.38
Reeve/Norton, John/Bruce Gold Humorous ZN.36
Ross, Greg Bronze Humorous VW.12
Ross, Greg Bronze Classic PO.9
Ross, Greg Bronze Abstract/Non-Objective SW.2
Rufca, Mitch Gold Abstract/Non-Objective ME.1
Sanders, Jeffrey Silver Figurative RB.63
Sanders, Jeffrey Gold Figurative SN.6
Sanders, Jeffrey Silver Figurative SY.22
Sanders, Jeffrey Silver Figurative TP.5
Sanders, Jeffrey Silver Figurative ZN.26
Schenck, Patrick Gold Abstract/Non-Objective TP.1
Seeger, Michael Silver Figurative SN.5
Smith, Pablo Bronze Humorous ZN.40
Suzuki, Yuki Gold Humorous PS.22
Toussaint, Martyn Gold Viticultural/Enocological RB.21
Toussaint, Martyn Silver Viticultural/Enocological RB.23
Toussaint, Martyn Silver Viticultural/Enocological RB.25
Van Alstyne, Byron Bronze Humorous V1.2
Van Eden, Marc Silver Classic VR.17
Walker, Donovan Silver Classic RB.86
Walker, Donovan Silver Classic RB.88
Walker, Michelle Silver Abstract/Non-Objective RB.67
Walker, Michelle Silver Abstract/Non-Objective RB.70
Walker, Michelle Silver Abstract/Non-Objective RB.72
Walker, Michelle Silver Humorous RB.74
Walker, Michelle Gold Abstract/Non-Objective RB.76
Walker, Michelle Gold Abstract/Non-Objective MR.4
Walker, Michelle Silver Abstract/Non-Objective VR.13
Walker, Michelle Gold Abstract/Non-Objective VR.15
Walker, Michelle Gold Abstract/Non-Objective VW.19
Walker, Michelle Silver Abstract/Non-Objective PV.5
Walker, Michelle Gold Abstract/Non-Objective SY.31
Walker, Michelle Silver Abstract/Non-Objective WB.7