Candidate Statements for Board of Directors 2019 – 2022 Term

Interested in becoming a BOD candidate see the following post for information on how to apply:

The candidate statements of George Cravens, Linda  Mihalik, and Rich Skoczylas are listed below.  Candidates statements will be added as they are submitted to Greg Hagadorn, 2019 Election Chair.  Greg can be reached at

George Cravens
Orange County Wine Society
Statement of Candidacy

I’ve enjoyed working with the members of the Wine Society and the board for the last three years, and would like to run for re-election.
Currently I’m a member of the Cook’s Caucus, and have been a Steward for both the commercial and home wine competitions as well as bagging, sorting, and score entry for the commercial competition.  I enjoy working at the courtyard, helping introduce folks to new wines.

I’ve been responsible for the Mini-tastings and Volunteer points for the last two years, as well as being board Secretary for the current year.

My career as an engineering manager typically involves running multiple projects in parallel while working with a wide range of people.

– Thank you

George Cravens

Linda Mihalik
Orange County Wine Society
Statement of Candidacy Board of Directors – OCWS

My name is Linda Mihalik, and I am declaring my candidacy for a seat on the Board of the Orange County Wine Society.  I have been a member of the OCWS for nearly 13 years and have been passionate about providing volunteer service, promoting the Wine Society in a positive spotlight, and helping fulfill the Wine Society’s mission in further defining its member-oriented identity that promotes knowledge of winemaking, wine appreciation through education, and California viticulture.

I am the Editor of The Wine Press and have been successful in presenting the membership with a monthly newsletter in an appealing format containing current events, activities, and member‑related information that is easy to navigate, relevant, social, and designed to further define the Wine Society’s member-oriented identity.

Since 2015, I have been a member of the Commercial Wine Competition Committee and team leader responsible for the wine verification and judges’ scoring.  I have also been privileged to assist at the Home Wine Competition in judges’ scoring and input.

During my membership, I have worked in almost every capacity in The Courtyard during the OC Fair and have enjoyed the camaraderie among the volunteer members, engaging with the public, and endorsing the Wine Society while introducing the award-winning wines from the Wine Competition.

I have very much enjoyed all the work I have done with the Wine Society, and I want to do more and need your partnership.  As members, we all have a voice.  I will actively listen, be open‑minded, and positive to new ideas that can grow and strengthen the Wine Society.

I would appreciate your vote!

Rich Skoczylas
Statement of Qualifications

My name is Rich Skoczylas and I ask for your vote to elect me to the Orange County Wine Society Board of Directors.

Briefly, a few of my professional experiences and credentials that qualify me to a Board position include:


  • Detailed management skills sharpened as a career officer in the United States Air Force
  • Air Force Program Manager to launch satellites into space
  • Air Force Director of Engineering and Program Management
  • Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees
  • Certified international Project Management Professional — Improved and streamlined management operations, developed and managed program budgets with several major companies – Hughes Aircraft, the Boeing Company, ITT Industries, Steven Myers & Associates, Accenture and Science Applications International Corporation

Wine Society Pursuits:

  • Active Wine Society volunteer and past Board Director, Secretary and Vice President:
    • Chaired past Extraordinaire, Classic and Champagne Brunches; Liaison to the Homewine group
  • A few of my volunteer activities with the Wine Society include:
  • Organized Wine Society trips and developed budgets – Paso Robles, Napa, Sonoma and Santa Barbara
  • Active participant at the Commercial and Homewine Competitions
  • Enjoys preparing decadent desserts for Cooks Caucus catered events
  • Dine with Wine and Champagne Brunch coordinator
  • Winery Program coordinator
  • Scheduled over 340 volunteers for 1800 positions and 23 days of Courtyard operations
  • Plus too many more volunteer activities to list here…..

Let’s look to the future

We have opportunities for improvement and new functions. We have had the same events repeating for years and they have become boring for so many members. I believe offering new events will draw more participation from our members. Our members are the core of the wine society and we need to draw more volunteers into getting involved for the Wine Society to function.

Being a certified professional manager, I’m glad to offer my expertise to increase efficiency of Wine Society projects. We continue to hear, “it’s always been done this way,” does not mean that something can’t be improved.

Finally, I will be a Board member always available to hear your concerns with the Wine Society, to hear what you want and be a voice to present your views to the entire Board.

Thank you, and again, I ask for your vote,

Rich Skoczylas